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Several years in a row, Assist Africa's volunteer team (Team Togo) has journeyed to different villages in Togo, West Africa to run field medical clinics free of charge. Thousands of patients have been treated by our volunteer medical professionals with donated supplies. Partnered with the University of Washington, Bothell Nursing Programs, Save our Future (SAFU), and supplied by Project C.U.R.E, we are able to work together to bring necessary healthcare support to underdeveloped regions.
Our field clinics address a variety of conditions ranging from malaria, blood pressure issues, diabetes management, and women’s health complaints to more severe complaints such as dislocations, hernias, and open wounds. Only through the help of our volunteers and donations to the foundation are we able to run the clinics and provide life-changing care. 


We offer small loans and grants for some entrepreneurial individuals in underdeveloped areas to provide opportunities they need to start their business to help them meet their goals. Potential recipients meet face-to-face with Assist Africa’s industry professional volunteers and provide specific documentation and feasibility of their plans. Chosen entrepreneurs show deep commitment and motivation to running a business.

In order to facilitate the success of the startups, Assist Africa assists recipients in identifying which materials and resources are needed and teaches them additional skills and business savvy. We feel that once these new business owners are on their feet, they will perpetuate the same opportunities they’ve been given and essentially “pay it forward” to their entire community. Most recipients are living in and pursuing entrepreneurial opportunities in their own homeland. They are chosen based upon merit, need and available funds. 


We feel that knowledge is the key element to building a sustainable society and therefore provide educational programs, particularly literacy, in partnership with Pen to Paper Ghana.

Assist Africa is also funding a number of ongoing projects, one of which includes building a school in an under-served area of Togo, West Africa. Our method to strengthen impoverished areas around the world is to teach the teachers. We meet with educators, entrepreneurs, and medical professionals in various locales to exchange information and maximize positive outcomes.

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