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Assist Africa (formerly known as Foundation for Educational and Entrepreneurial Development with Dignity and Sustainability (FEEDDS)) was originally established in 2005 to assist West African student Ignace Hounwanou with housing and financial support so he could attend college in the USA. The founders, brothers John and Tomm Stewart, had personally observed the poverty in Third World countries.  Through their desire to make a difference, the foundation became a reality. They were familiar with Ignace's lack of resources and rallied by his side with friends to support him in his goal to study nursing in America. With the creation of the non-profit FEEDDS, Ignace was able to receive the assistance he needed from the foundation in order to remain focused on his dream of one day returning to his homeland as a registered nurse in Togo.



It is our belief that through education, entrepreneurial support and access to health care the quality of life for many people can be improved dramatically. We feel that sustainable economic growth and overall well-being can be fostered by focusing on these three cornerstones.
Assist Africa was formed with the aim of assisting people in developing countries through educational and business-related grants and programs, as well as promoting and delivering quality healthcare in under-served areas. Our foundation's goals have always been accomplished entirely through the efforts of volunteers. We think wholehearted volunteer work brings happiness and is truly more rewarding if done without a financial reward.


Assist Africa is solely volunteer driven. There are no paid employees in the entire organization! No salary, wages, or any other compensation has been paid to any directors, board members, or any associates since our launch in 2005. Anyone who wishes to be a part of Assist Africa's Team Togo is required to pay their own travel and lodging expenses, but this hasn't stopped volunteers from joining our team to see the difference they can make to many lives. Without the overhead costs of paid employees, our nonprofit organization is able to use its donation-based funding directly for the causes and people we believe in. It's the purest form of charity - a nonprofit, not for profit organization. 




Save the Future


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