Team Togo XIX

“Give a friend a fish and they eat for a day, teach a friend to fish and they eat for a lifetime”

Aria Wittenberg

My name is Aria Wittenberg and I'm from Washington State. I work as a nanny and also as an office assistant. I am a senior in high school and after I graduate I want to pursue a career as a paramedic for Seattle. I also want to travel as much as I can and this trip is a perfect way to start.

Assist Africa is a nonprofit, non-government organization that believes that all people deserve to lead happy, healthy, and productive lives. Each year, they run a Medical Humanitarian trip to Togo, West Africa, where they provide free medical care and educational classes in collaboration with SAFU and Pen to Paper Ghana

I have been given the exciting opportunity to go on their 2019 Team Togo Mission. In order for me to go, I need to raise  $1300 to cover the costs involved with the mission, such as shipment and transportation of supplies, and accommodation costs.

I'm so excited to go and help in any way I can.  I would appreciate any support you can give with helping me raise this minimum donation, either through donating or sharing this link to your friends and family. My personal donation button is below.


If you want to ask me any more questions, feel free to email me at at


Help me go to Togo in August 2019 with Assist Africa by donating below.



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